Sunday, May 9, 2021

 Back at Work...

So I dragged out the 'having the summer off' for nearly 5 months... not a bad effort really.  But back at work now so less time to sew 😞 but more money to buy stuff to sew 😍

Here's what I've made since my last post

Scrappy hearts - 

TAST - butterfly chain, buttonhole wheel, buttonholed cable chain, cable chain & coral stitches.

and last but not least #52tagshannemade

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Monday, April 12, 2021

 Not sure where the time is going...

TAST tags - cretan and looped cretan

#52tags - layers, a pocket and a tiny landscape:

Second challenge - using words in your embroidery

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Monday, March 22, 2021

 Productive week this week:

TAST  - French Knots and Pistil stitch

Scrappy Hearts Challenge - inspired by a 1960s dress fabric

#52 tags - Week 11 Circles and Week 12 Buttonhole

And are running some free workshops over the new few weeks.  The first one being run by Sue Stone.  Here was my 'go' at it.  I'm not a drawer by any stretch, I'm more a tracer haha.  But I learnt a few things on the way... mostly what not to do!! 😂

And lucky last a new Chicken Little.  I realised that when I did TAST we either didn't do Inverted Feather stitch.. or for some reason I just didn't do it.

Who has time for a job?!?  Not me!   😆

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