Friday, December 28, 2018

Stitching has started...

Yep, I've made a start on the embroidery.  I have this idea in my head that I can make this quilt really great with embroidery... but I think it will probably end up just OK.  But I've gone too far to turn back now.

So not too much to report, other than I've made a start on the gazillion French knots required to polka dot that tree.  I've figured out that 1 metre of floss will get me on average 47 French knots and so far I've used I think 26m of floss.  So using an average of 45 knots per metre to make the math easier that puts me at 1170 French knots and I'd say I'm not even halfway done.  If I couldn't do a French knot before I'm certainly getting some practice in!  At this point its still quite relaxing and I'm happy enough just French knotting.  I figured once I start getting bored with French knots I'll make a start somewhere else.  I'd like to start on the windows but I'm still a little scared of those, so still looking for reasons to delay beginning on those.

My main issue so far is running out of white floss.  I went up to the store and they have plenty of B5200 and 3865, but no regular White which is weird.  I wondered if 3865 is actually white, but after some googling I don't think it is.  I've raided Miss P's stash and used all hers as well.  So today I'll pay a visit to the local quilting shop and see if they have any plain white.  Otherwise I guess I'll be making a start on those windows sooner than expected haha.  Actually come to think of it I can just work on putting a centre vein on the leaves first.   Aha! I can still put off those windows then - yes! 😆

Anyway if you're interested I'm using 3 strands and a double wrap French knot.  Seems to give enough size that they can be seen from a distance  (remembering this is supposed to be a wall hanging).  I read an somewhere recently that the author reckoned you shouldn't need more than 2 wraps you should just increase the strands of floss for a fatter knot.  Quite good advice I think, seeing in my own experience the resulting knot seems to get a lot less controllable the more wraps you have. 

Thats all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Slow going...

Ok so starting to attach the clouds, tree and leaves hasn't gone entirely to plan.  I went to the local quilt shop to get some fabric glue (can't think what brand, but the one that 'everyone' seems to use) and no luck.  But the lady did sell me a spray on adhesive that is apparently permanent and that she personally uses all the time and finds great.  Well I'm not sure how exactly she is using it.  But its awful!

I sprayed all my clouds and stuck them down, the tree I used an appliqué glue stick... and then carried on with the spray for the leaves.  All seemed to stick ok.  So I left it a couple of days to make sure it was all set and dry.  And then started machine stitching around the edges.  Thats when it happened.  Bits started lifting and in some cases full on falling off.  Grrr.  Of course not all the bits came off, most of them just lifted in weird and unusual ways.  And left a sticky residue on the backing fabric.  So I couldn't even start again. Double Grrr.

So anyway... I had no choice but to re-pin it and just go for it.  After a lot of swearing and the usual amount of blood sacrifices the tree, clouds and leaves are stuck down.  Phew!

I have already glued most of the windows to the houses as well.  But I'm hoping at they're considerably smaller I won't need to scrunch the fabric so much while stitching them down so fingers crossed they'll stay stuck enough to get that done.

I've got no choice but to carry on with the two adhesives I have because I can't get anything else locally.  But as I said I'll work on the windows and doors next.  And then when it comes time to attach the houses, I'll glue one and then sew it really quickly before it comes off.

Lesson learnt - should've gone with Steam2Seam 😆

I did a bit of embroidery yesterday as well.  Hubby and I were big X Files fans back in the day.  And I came across a wee UFO embroidery on Pinterest the other day and ages back I bought some glow in the dark thread so thought it was the perfect piece to try it out on.  After my last foray into drawing my pattern onto black fabric (that didn't wash out, I'm still not over that).  This time I traced my pattern onto baking paper and then stitched (tacking stitch) through the paper and the fabric to transfer the design.  Didn't work quite as I had expected in that it was a pain to remove the paper.  But it did the trick.  Only took a couple of hours.  It's not going to change my life, but it was still a bit of fun and I'm sure I can find a spot for it somewhere.  And yes its still covered in the dogs contribution 🐶

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Stalled a bit, but still at it...

Last weekend was a long one so I thought I'd make some great progress on my houses.  What is it they say about best laid plans?  Well, my dear hubby decided (probably not really decided, but he still did it anyway) to have a heart attack first thing Saturday morning completely destroying all my good intentions for the weekend.  He's fine and luckily I love the big lug so I also forgive him for disrupting my weekends plans.  But needless to say I didn't get far.

And now its already Sunday and I've not done anything to it.  In saying that I have managed to buy another piece of fabric for the background, although its a bit darker that what I have already which I'm not sure about but I'll iron it up and test it out.  And I've also managed to buy some more black fabric because I have no idea what the piece I've been using is made of (or from) but its not cutting well, lots of fraying and just falling to bits.

I did make a little progress in the last weekend while hubby was in hospital.  I don't know how I'm going to shift this all to the other piece of fabric... it'll probably take me longer than it has to pin it to this one by the time I've numbered the bits etc...  Oh well 😊

Thanks for stopping by!