Monday, June 19, 2017

A bit more progress on the encrusted calico.  Managed to add a few beads without hating them, so I've definitely had some 'growth' as an embroiderer 😊.  Sorry about the lighting its dark and grey here today.

Oh! I did also have an idea for the bone shapes, I'm going to try raised stem band.  So we'll see how that goes... you never know I might even include some beads haha.  If the raised stem band doesn't work out I might try some 'cast on' loopy bits.

Finally came up with a plan for the TAST stitch for the week... Herringbone Square.  I can't say I'm a fan of the Herringbone family of stitches, I just want them to all be uniform in size and shape and it never works out that way.  Will hopefully post a pic of the finished piece tomorrow.

Meanwhile this week I also need to make a 'Viking' costume for Miss P as this week is Book Week at school and they're having a 'come as a book character' day at school.  And as her favourite books of late are the 'Horrible Histories' series... she's chosen 'Vicious Vikings'.  So watch this space for that disaster later this week 😆

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  1. Your encrusted calico is looking amazing. Hope you'll post a pic of the Viking costume.